Ménage à Trois 6.10.2012 - 21.10.2012 13:00-19:00 Artist: TCB art. inc Greatest Hits / Liang Luscombe / Noriko Nakamura Enjoy Public Art Gallery Andrew Beck / Bronwyn Holloway-Smith/Molly Samsell / Kate Woods curation : XYZ collective , TCB art. Inc , Enjoy Public Art Gallery cooperation:ARTS VICTORIA / Asia:NZ Foundation / Creative New Zealand / Wellington City Council Ménage à Trois is an exhibition exchange between TCB artinc. (AUS), Enjoy Public Art Gallery Gallery (NZ) and XYZ Collective (JPN). The exhibition is a result of chance meetings in Melbourne between TCB artinc. board members and COBRA (XYZ’s Director) and Claudia Arozqueta (Enjoy’s Curator). It’s about expanding existing relationships through cross-cultural exchange and open dialogues, and its development echoes the manner in which things happen at each of these independent gallery spaces, where informal, unprompted ideas are encouraged and acted upon through collective energy and enthusiasm. What has resulted by way of these fertile conversations is a series of consecutive exhibitions across the three galleries, where artists intimately involved with TCB artinc., XYZ and Enjoy Public Art Gallery will exhibit in each other’s cities. They’re crossing continents to hop in and out of bed with one another … and staging an international ménage à trois.