Imprisoned, Jailbreak 13.10.2013 Sun - 10.11 Sun
囚われ、脱獄 / Imprisoned, Jailbreak 13.10.2013 Sun - 10.11 Sun 14:00-19:00 Artist: Benjamin Butler Hiroshi Sugito J・Parker Valentine Kazuyuki Takezaki Nobuaki Takekawa Soshiro Matsubara Teppei Soutome curation : Kazuyuki Takezaki / Teppei Soutome cooperation : AOYAMA MEGURO / OTA FINE ARTS / TOMIO KOYAMA GALLERY / MISAKO & ROSEN / XYZcollective / Futoshi Hoshino Photo by Kei Okano Ethica of Jailbreak Futoshi Hoshino Every single part of us has been imprisoned by something. Fragmentary thoughts which appear instantly and fades away in the mind, sudden bovine sensations which induced in the limbs and entrails. Or obscure feelings which cannot be returned to precise thought, sensation. We are unable to escape from those matters. Enjoying and being tormented; both are equal in terms of that imprisons a certain part of us. Therefore, there is a difference between pleasure and unpleasure, as well as strength and weakness. Nevertheless, these are obviously equal. We are able to alter the nature of our situation of being imprisoned. It may well be possible to alter a circumstance of “being intensely imprisoned by a single object” to “being lukewarmly imprisoned by multiple objects”. However, it never means liberation from imprisonment. Even though, it was a dramatic transition from one circumstance to another circumstance, it would be limited to alteration of the nature of imprisonment. Therefore, what cannot be vanished is the fact that we have been already imprisoned by various concerns all the time. Our existing is equal to be being imprisoned by something. Thoughts never occur without being imprisoned by something, without which, sensation never occurs as well. Even what we vaguely so-call “mood” can be calculated from the meshes of multiple relations in which we immersed ourselves. Regardless of it, we are easily under an illusion that prompt thoughts, sensations and moods are special; this is because we scarcely know a ways perceive that. Judging from the above, it is impossible to be released by mere chance from a state of being imprisoned by a troublesome. As I stated before, what only we can do is to change the nature of imprisonment. We could possibly call this endeavor, for instance, “Jailbreak”. Despite that, the jailbreak should be failed. Because, as I mention previously, even if the jailbreak had been successfully fulfilled; the release would have leaded to a new imprisonment. Nonetheless this acknowledgement, which resembles to resignation, does not demean a value of endeavor directed to jailbreak. Jailbreak from imprisonment on which our thoughts and sensations based, whatever it is, should be appreciated as the ethical movement of a revolution of experience. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: Kazuyuki Takezaki Without thinking Oh yes, something like a frame Rule of world is always around me, A frame of person, a frame of society, a current of culture, limit of picture? Complete neglect of a certain frame, inconvenience after as nothing ever happened, Confine to a certain frame, and achieving freedom in exchange for limiting a world. Rather, something different This and that We are living with such frames, however, usually not conscious about, But for example, at the moment of somebody’s death, I realize the shape of what usually I am made of. Understanding what controls me not by my mind but by my body. For proper active movement among that is spreading all over the world, and also constructed on my own. I’m small when watching the stars, though, I’m small but I can rely on the stars. Or going out for a drink. Teleportation or four-dimensions. Just like that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Note: Teppei Soutome Waking up by a loud alarm clock, waiting for hardly changing traffic lights, having finished reading a vapid novel, only coins are available in my wallet, abruptly having cried watching a movie, a canvas is squared, nuclear power plants are not cleared out, Giants and Tigers are rival baseball teams, waiting impatiently for a weekly comic magazine, conscious of a subway map, quarrel with my girlfriend, imaging the end of the universe, and the sky is beautiful. We are always imprisoned by everything. Yet there is no way to break out of it. Then, just as holding everything, I shall prepare for an escape. Imprisoned, jailbreak, so to speak.