XYZcollective at Brennan&Griffin -Man & Play- 10.26.2014 - 12.21
Brennan & Griffin XYZcollective curation Title:「XYZcollective at Brennan&Griffin - Man & Play - 」 Artist : COBRA , Ei Arakawa and Shimon Minamikawa , Futoshi Miyagi , Greatest Hits , Nobuaki Takekawa , Ken Kagami , Soshiro Matsubara , Kazuaki Yamane , Yui Usui , Yui Yaegashi , ************** Hello every one . My name is COBRA. Im singing everynight. When I will be in NY. Please kiss me. XYZ collective is an artist run space in Tokyo. Our directors are: COBRA (video artist), Soshiro Matsubara (artist),Futoshi Miyagi(artist), XYZ collective consists of a Studio space for young artists in 20s and 30s and an alternative space. XYZ is open to exhibitions with artists both in and out of XYZ, other events such as music and fashion shows.