XYZ collective is an artist run space. Our directors are: COBRA (video artist), Soshiro Matsubara (artist), Futoshi Miyagi(artist). XYZ collective consists of a Studio space for young artists in 20s and 30s and an alternative space. XYZ is open to exhibitions with artists both in and out of XYZ, other events such as music and fashion shows. We aim the place todispatch culture in formations deriving from art in Tokyo.




DIRECTOR / COBRA (video artist)
b. 1981. B.F.A., Department of Ceramic, Glass, and Metal Works, Tama Art University. Member of artist group MIHOKANNO. Joined several exhibitions in magical art room, Tokyo and around the world like Switzerland.



DIRECTOR / Soshiro Matsubara (artist)
b.1980 B.F.A., Department of Painting, Tama Art University. Member of artist group MIHOKANNO. Participated Exchange Residency Program in Barcelona, Spain through Tokyo Wonder Site, 2010.



DIRECTOR / Futoshi Miyagi(artist)

b.1981 in Okinawa   Lives and works in Tokyo


2-13-4-B02 Sugamo , Toshima-ku , Tokyo , Japan 170-0002