Benefit Exhibition "COOL INVITATIONS 2" 11.04.2015-11.22.2015 Presented by XYZ Collective Curated by Jeffrey and Misako Rosen Participants: Amy Yao, John Riepenhoff, Shimon Minamikawa, Trevor Shimizu, COBRA, Futoshi Miyagi, Yui Yaegashi, Soshiro Matsubara, Kazuyuki Takezaki, MISAKO & ROSEN, Hikotaro Kanehira, Daichi Takagi*, Teppei Soutome**, Kaoru Arima, KAYOKOYUKI, Puppies Puppies Our memories of exhibitions past are given form via the exhibited invitation cards. In the past, the primary means of announcing an exhibition to the public was via this tangible paper media. At present, the html mail, the digital system, has become the mainstream form of informing yet if we receive an invitation, printed on paper, its function is not lost to us. The exhibition "Cool Invitations" began last year and paired "imaginary" exhibition invitation cards with "real" invitation cards from the past. Participants included art world figures such as artists, gallerists and curators who presented their "imaginary" exhibition ideas together with "real" invitation cards from our personal collection. This show has been curated as a benefit exhibition for XYZ Collective and in its present incarnation includes a wider range of participants than in the past. The increase in participants is commensurate with the greater activity of XYZ Collective members at home and abroad. We hope that you will enjoy viewing "real" exhibition invitations together with both the "impossible" and "possible" dreams of each participant this year. Special thanks to the following galleries for their kind support *KAYOKOYUKI **Aoyama Meguro