Benefit Exhibition "COOL INVITATIONS 3" 11,06,2016 - 11. 27,2016
Cool Invitations 3 date : 2016.11. 6 - 11. 27 venue : XYZ collective curated by Misako & Jeffrey Rosen Invitations collected by Nodoka Kinsho Participants:Shunsuke Imai, Yuki Okumura, Miki Mochizuka, Yui Yaegashi, Masaya Chiba, Maki Katayama, COBRA, Soshiro Matsubara, Futoshi Miyagi, Naotaka Hiro, Tobias Madison, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Hikotaro Kanehira, MISAKO & ROSEN, AOYAMA | MEGURO Special thanks to the following galleries for their kind support : ShugoArts / HAGIWARA PROJECTS / FREEDMAN FITZPATRICK / MAKI FINE ARTS / BRENNAN&GRIFFIN This is the third installment of XYZ's "Cool Invitations" series of exhibitions. The exhibition consists entirely of art work and other efforts put forth on behalf of XYZ Collective by their peers within the art community. As the exhibition is titled, the exhibition begins with the "exhibition invitation". XYZ Collective as a group put great stock in notion of "exhibition" in general; XYZ is both an artist collective as well as an exhibition space proper. Given their interest "exhibitions" this series allows both for a financial benefit as well as an opportunity to explore this theme further. Each of the "Cool Invitations" exhibitions takes form by considering the theme of an imaginary or ideal exhibition invitation card. Participants include artists and gallerists presenting an invitation for an ideal exhibition. Oftentimes we receive exhibition invitations as digital information but with the classic paper DM it is possible to touch engage the card physically - the design is present in non-uniform sizes and shapes. The present exhibition also consists of a selection from designer Nodoka Kinsho's 15 year's worth of collecting paper exhibition invitation cards and announcements. Each artist / curator participating in the exhibition will present their impossible or imaginary exhibition card together with "real" exhibition invitations.