COOL INVITATIONS 7 2020,06,14(Sun) - 07,05(Sun) Participants : Zin Taylor Jessica Jackson Hutchins Trevor Shimizu Lisa Lapinski Julien Monnerie Naotaka Hiro Kaoru Arima Kazuyuki Takezaki Yui Yaegashi Miho Dohi Nanami Hori COBRA Futoshi Miyagi Misako&Rosen Hikotaro Kanehira Cooperation : MISAKO&ROSEN , HAGIWARA PROJECTS The time has come for the annual (7th) “Cool Invitations” exhibition at XYZ Collective; from the start of this year we and the rest of the world have been forced to shutdown due to corona. However, though the season for the show is different from usual...this small project will succeed this year. About Cool Invitations Paper exhibition invitations may seem old fashioned and out of date but they still function very well. We will have achieved our aim if visitors to this show feel a sense of longing and excitement toward the exhibitions represented in the presented invitations. When this response has been generated - the invitations themselves will truly function as active parts of the exhibition. The annual participants, friends of XYZ Collective and Doskoi Steak House including artists and curators/ gallerists, designed “imaginary” invitation cards for exhibitions both impossible and possible or just a dream….these “imaginary” exhibition invitation card” suggest that anyone may now make an exhibition invitation when, for whom and however they may want. This exhibition serves as a benefit for the wide range of XYZ Collective activities. Last year, XYZ was more active in their international activities than in years past. They took part in the gallery share “Friend of a Friend” in Prague as well as curated the exhibition "Tokimeki Memorial” for the Brussels exhibition space, LA MAISON DE RENDEZ-VOUS. In Vienna, at the space Guimaraes, they organized a two person exhibition with Kenji Ide and Jiri Kovanda. As for art fairs, in October, they took part in Paris Internationale and in December, NADA in Miami. XYZ Collective continues to use funds generated from Cool Invitations to introduce the work of Japanese artists to a wider international community. This year, XYZ has already taken part in the CADAN : Gendai Bijutsu exhibition produced by the Contemporary Art Dealers Association Nippon and have also presented a solo exibton with artist Koji Nakano in their own exhibition space