Maki Katayama / Birds, Rats, 20 Variations of Brown and Others 鳥と鼠と20の茶色など 2018 ,06,10(Sun) - 07,08(Sun)
Title : ”Birds, Rats, 20 Variations of Brown and Others / 鳥と鼠と20の茶色など” Artist : Maki Katayama Date : 2018 ,06,10(Sun) - 07,08(Sun) Maki Katayama’s most well-known body of work is her Birthday and Death Anniversary painting series, in which she employs a uniquely developed color chart to determine which colors to apply to a given canvas: the colors are chosen based on the numerical information that she obtained by researching the birth and death dates of historical figures - as well as a record of the weather on these respective dates. The present exhibition includes new abstract work from her ongoing Collision series. To create these diptych paintings, Katayama strikes the wet-painted surface of two canvases against one another repeatedly. For the most recent iteration of such work, she further develops this strategy through utilizing Joseph Albers’s color theory as well as a general color scheme used within Japan in the early 20th century. 片山真妃は、モチーフとなる人物の生年月日や命日などから導き出された数字をもとに、過去の天候を調査し独自のカラーチャートに基づき絵画を制作してきた。そして本展においては、近年に進めてきた二枚のキャンバスの表層を繰り返し接触させ描き上げていく「衝突」のシリーズを、日本における大正・昭和期の配色構成、ジョセフ・アルバースの配色設計を参照とし制作、新たに展開させた抽象絵画の個展を開催する。 片山真妃(かたやま・まき) 1982年東京都生まれ。2006年多摩美術大学油画科卒業、「VOCA展2014」(上野の森美術館)などに出品。近年の展覧会では「LET'S SEE ACTION」(Pollock Gallery、Dallas 2018)「Natsu no Tobira」(Shane Campbell Gallery、Chicago 2017)などで発表。