THE STEAK HOUSE DOSKOI presents Super Young series / vol,1 「Tan Kagami Solo show」 Tan Kagami Tan Kagami was born in Tokyo in 2011 and currently lives and works in Shiroganedai. Kagami's practice consists of works executed in the media of drawing and collage; the work is characterized by Kagami's freely drawn lines and varied, vibrant colors. Also noteworthy is the performative nature of Kagam's actions while in the process of creating a drawing - an act typically carried out at in a highly natural and unselfconscious manner. Attention-grabbing, the work and Kagami herself are blurred; according to the observations of her family, -play- is an extremely important element in the work of Kagami who otherwise, while not making art, spends her time in a state of physical exertion.